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Carbonite 5.05.01

So we have another update! hurray! Link is above in the titlebar.
All Pandaria Gathering Nodes are tracked now.

Quest Blobs. If Carbonite picks up the quest and tracks it, your minimap will now show blizzards blue quest blob area.
To turn this on or off click the magnifying glass minimap icon, and enable or disable “Track Quest POIs”.
Blizzard only provides the option of one colour, blue. So your minimap will shade itself blue within the known range of quest objectives.

Minimap Glow is now disabled no matter what setting you have in. I really hate disabling anything, but it’s broken and causes more problems then it fixes. Even when I updated carbonites graphics files (not included in the zip) to have the new icons MoP added (like pet tracking), it still flickers and i’m sure everyone who helps on the forums is tired of posting how to turn it off to stop the flickering.

Quests. Yeah they still don’t work all the time, However I have run 2 characters now through jade forest, and one of them to 89 in townlong and I’ve found quests do work fine so long as the objective is within the same zone. It’s when your not in the zone that it can’t find it and complains.

Why the version jump from 5.04 to 5.05? I didn’t want to confuse things between the official 5.041 and calling mine 5.04.10, plus were at patch 5.05 so why not.

The state of 5.04.09.

I know, it’s not perfect… I hate that it’s not perfect, but it’s not my addon, i’m just trying to make it usable for all of us.

Fixes coming for next version (this weekend hopefully) will be the gathering nodes not tracking / saving in pandaria (I’ve got my copy tracking my mining of ghost ore, so I know exactly what needs to be done… it’s just doing it :P ), and also a sync between carbonites quest tracker, and blizzards quest tracker. The reason for the sync, is so blizzards quest blobs will show up on your minimap since that seems to be the biggest thing everyone keeps asking about.

No, not every quest will work still, and i’m really sorry for that, but I have yet to even start thinking about modifying carbonites quest data which if you have not looked at the source at any time, currently looks like this -> [15]={“4Sharptalon’s Claw%:6####”,nil,”#$( 9•@”,}

I don’t know what it means, no one else knows what it means, and until it’s figured out, or torn out and redone in plain english (which will happen if carbonite goes opensource), quests will remain buggy and not fully working. This unfortunately is one of the downsides to working on someone elses code. But hey, at least we have 90% of carbonite working and should be glad about that!.

I just got an email from Faatal that him & Haavok both are just to busy for carbonite, and they are going to discuss releasing the source. What does that mean? it would mean I could officially upload my patch… it also would mean that myself and other’s could move ahead full force at fixing carbonite, not only fixing it, but modularizing it instead of starting from scratch on something new.

They created a great addon, one of the best ever for WoW and no one would ever deny that, and tearing down the addon into blocks of code would allow easier repair / updates along with lowering the memory footprint.

Where does that leave RUMA? same place it was *IF* that is the best option for everyone, and what is needed. Carbonite going open just means I wouldn’t have to avoid looking at it and ways it did things to keep myself in the clear.


In regards to donations, while I do appreciate them and very thankful to those of you who have donated to show your support of RUMA even knowing it will be some time before I can get it released.

I just wanted to post this clarification because the donation button is here now which might confuse things. Donations through this button are for RUMA, and my time & commitment to it or to buy me a beer for the time spent getting carbonite working properly for MoP.

If you are donating for Carbonite itself do so Here. The original developers have put many hours into the product and deserve our support.

Major “Other Addon” Update

With MoP only a day away, and no sign of the originals in 2 weeks since the buggy quick fix… I’ve gone ahead hard core on updates… Scenario tracking? you got it… Scenario maps? sure… Challenge mode timers? well.. in theory yes but with no challenge modes to test not 100%… Maps? yes we got maps.. and maps and maps.. pandaria done, BC dungeons / raids added… Group questing? Merry christmas cuz that’s fixed too. Black Map Bugged Zones has been updated to all reported ones.

Call for help before next update!

Please visit this thread -> and contribute if you see something missing.

update to… the other addon

So, while people are crashing the servers like crazy right now (at least moonguard) thanks to some packet manipulation, I couldn’t do much on my own stuff…. so… I decided to update carbonite again, 5.04.08 contains the twilight highlands & starter area map fixes, it also has the big flashing an upgrade is available message turned off.

What’s In A Name?

I’ve been having a really hard time coming up with a name for the addon, for now.. I’m calling it RUMA. What is Ruma? Rythal’s Unnamed Map Addon :)
The site is pretty much at a state i’m happy with it (nothing is ever perfect tho lol).. So now I can get back to seriously working on what matters to everyone.

Site Construction

The website is very under construction, while I do appreciate people coming already and registering…. The one thing I *HATE* about wordpress is it’s comments system so i’ll be flipping around with various forums / integration (my old sites used phpBB back end but not sure how well that works anymore).

If you do create an account there is a chance it’ll get deleted during integration (i hope not, but the chance is always there).

Hello world!

Last night I started on the maps addon! Ok I admit not much is done, to try and make it a lower resource hog and easier to handle I was learning the Ace3 stuff… but like every programmer knows, the very first thing you always do is test out Hello World!


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