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Carbonite is now GPL and open source, so I don’t have to hide my updates on this site away from the general public. There are good things, and bad things to this.. First the good, the source they were working with and released is broken down into parts already, unlike the massive 26k lines of code we got and I had been working with before, this will really make modularizing it easier and I could if wanted just release a plain maps addon without anything else. The bad, because it is 5.041, and I have been doing all my work up until now based on 4.031 I’m going to need to make every small change i’ve done again to the code…. I’m not looking forward to that. But for now that means I will not be working on any more fixes as I bring the released code up to date.


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Rythal is a canadian born & bred. He's been programming in various languages since he could first read, copying code from magazines about basic on the atari 400 and learning to modify it for himself. For online games he has done work in EQ2 interfaces, secondlife, and is now branching into world of warcraft.