Carbonite 5.05.01

So we have another update! hurray! Link is above in the titlebar.
All Pandaria Gathering Nodes are tracked now.

Quest Blobs. If Carbonite picks up the quest and tracks it, your minimap will now show blizzards blue quest blob area.
To turn this on or off click the magnifying glass minimap icon, and enable or disable “Track Quest POIs”.
Blizzard only provides the option of one colour, blue. So your minimap will shade itself blue within the known range of quest objectives.

Minimap Glow is now disabled no matter what setting you have in. I really hate disabling anything, but it’s broken and causes more problems then it fixes. Even when I updated carbonites graphics files (not included in the zip) to have the new icons MoP added (like pet tracking), it still flickers and i’m sure everyone who helps on the forums is tired of posting how to turn it off to stop the flickering.

Quests. Yeah they still don’t work all the time, However I have run 2 characters now through jade forest, and one of them to 89 in townlong and I’ve found quests do work fine so long as the objective is within the same zone. It’s when your not in the zone that it can’t find it and complains.

Why the version jump from 5.04 to 5.05? I didn’t want to confuse things between the official 5.041 and calling mine 5.04.10, plus were at patch 5.05 so why not.

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    So we have another update! hurray! Link is above in the titlebar. —– All Pandaria Gathering Nodes are tracked now. Quest Blobs. If Carbonite picks
    [See the full post at:]



    Hey, thanks for the update, Rythal. It’s even easier to find now. 8^)



    First question: are any of your updates intended to be applied to Faatal’s 5.041 version, are they all intended to be applied to the old 4.301, or can each update be applied to either?

    Second question: if some but not all updates can be applied to 5.041, which ones?



    Was that download link there all the time and I overlooked it, or did you just add it? :)



    The update can be applied to either one.

    The download link was new with this version.



    think i lost the link to the file as well, will someone repost the link to the download?



    Look up to the bar at top of page. Click on “Carbonite Fan Update Download” Use the newly downloaded three folders to replace those in your existing “Carbonite” folder.



    Hello, any chance of brazilian portuguese localization? I’d be willing to help.






    Every update I keep hoping for a fix that will allow you to see zones even when you’re not in them. Right now when I mouse over a zone that’s not right beside me, it just stays how it is, it won’t show me details. Is there any work around for this? It’s driving me crazy! lol :)




    Disable all map(modifying) addons such as Archy.

    This will fix your issue with the other zone’s not showing up correct on mouse-over



    So, Carbonite does not work when I load Pt_Br, I have BugGrabber and BugSack on, but don’t really know what to do with the errors. Should I send then to you? How?
    Sorry for being such a noob XD



    Thanks, Rythal, and thanks for your excellent work on this.



    Why its doesn’t work on ptBR client?

    BTW, thanks for the update.

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    Awesome! Thank you very much!!



    Saves the day once again! Ty ty!



    Thanks for the updates. I am one who purchased Carbonite back in the day. Tried getting around without it but no go. I also tried looking at the code but I know just enough code to get in trouble.

    As far as quests are concerned, Carbonite will not track it if it is to a “main” area; even in the same zone. For instance, go find Cho in Halfhill. I was in the Vale which I consider the same zone, but Carbonite could not track it. Once I found him and turned in the quest. Quests in the area became available and trackable by Carbonite. Therefore, I assume, the information for the “sub” quests for an area are retrieved by Carbonite from the server. We may be thinking the same thing but using different terms.

    I have a laptop running next to my pc which I use to locate the quests not trackable by Carbonite.



    Thanks for the Update Rythal, how ever, now that I have it installed, there is some errant blinking when my mouse isn’t hovered over it?



    Small update: Seems the intermittent blinking only occurs now when I hover mouse over zones adjacent to the one I’m in. It no longer does it when I am not hovering over the map or when I hover over the map of the zone I’m in.



    I love you Rythal… if dudes did it for me I would be all over you

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