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First, I apologize, I have been lax when it came to this site mostly because I thought everyone who came and joined me here, was also following on curse and wowinterface and knew what was going on.

while it is GPL and anyone can do what they wish with it, on the interface sites I’m the one listed as maintainer, and every update people are seeing show up in curseclient, ingame, or minion are coming from me.

Work has been progressing on getting the addon in a usable state, and it is stable. The future of the addon is the work breaking it all down into independent modules and restructuring of the data. That part will take time, a lot of time, and is planned for the future (I just lost my job, so that’s put a crimp in the time I can spend on that part of it). In the meantime, I will continue fixing what I can, and adding new things blizzard throws at us.


In regards to donations, while I do appreciate them and very thankful to those of you who have donated to show your support of RUMA even knowing it will be some time before I can get it released.

I just wanted to post this clarification because the donation button is here now which might confuse things. Donations through this button are for RUMA, and my time & commitment to it or to buy me a beer for the time spent getting carbonite working properly for MoP.

If you are donating for Carbonite itself do so Here. The original developers have put many hours into the product and deserve our support.

Major “Other Addon” Update

With MoP only a day away, and no sign of the originals in 2 weeks since the buggy quick fix… I’ve gone ahead hard core on updates… Scenario tracking? you got it… Scenario maps? sure… Challenge mode timers? well.. in theory yes but with no challenge modes to test not 100%… Maps? yes we got maps.. and maps and maps.. pandaria done, BC dungeons / raids added… Group questing? Merry christmas cuz that’s fixed too. Black Map Bugged Zones has been updated to all reported ones.

Call for help before next update!

Please visit this thread -> and contribute if you see something missing.

update to… the other addon

So, while people are crashing the servers like crazy right now (at least moonguard) thanks to some packet manipulation, I couldn’t do much on my own stuff…. so… I decided to update carbonite again, 5.04.08 contains the twilight highlands & starter area map fixes, it also has the big flashing an upgrade is available message turned off.


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