Carbonite is now GPL and open source, so I don’t have to hide my updates on this site away from the general public. There are good things, and bad things to this.. First the good, the source they were working with and released is broken down into parts already, unlike the massive 26k lines of code we got and I had been working with before, this will really make modularizing it easier and I could if wanted just release a plain maps addon without anything else. The bad, because it is 5.041, and I have been doing all my work up until now based on 4.031 I’m going to need to make every small change i’ve done again to the code…. I’m not looking forward to that. But for now that means I will not be working on any more fixes as I bring the released code up to date.

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    Carbonite is now GPL and open source, so I don’t have to hide my updates on this site away from the general public. There are good things, and bad thi
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    Billy Cox

    Thank you for all ur hard work.


    Alright! Grats Rythal! I know this is what you have been pushing for the last month, now it’s a reality. May Carbonite live on! (not that RUMA wouldn’t have been better, but it’s a good thing that it remains Carbonite for the masses of people who wouldn’t even know what RUMA is.)

    AND! You can make updates available via Curse too! ;)



    Yeah that was one of the first things I did was put in a ticket with curse to let me upload the new version. Didn’t have to do anything with WoWI since Cairenn was actually the one to PM me that it was now GPL and has been very helpful in setting me up as one of the addon authors for it.


    Thanks for all the work on this project. I have used carbonite sporadically with MoP as the quest tracking is wonky right now with your older version. I just downloaded the new version of it, so here’s hoping it’ll work a bit. Thank god you turned off the blinky thing. (tho i did find how to turn it off..tho i can never remember how without intense searching. One thing that you might want to save somewhere is how to install it for people who need …assistance. Talking about the :
    Typical locations for the AddOns folder:

    Windows XP: “C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns”
    Windows Vista: “C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns”
    Mac: “Machintosh HD/Applications/World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns”



    Sweet! One issue I noticed with your last fix, when I am tracking a quest it not only shows the arrow path a’la Carbonite, but it also shows Blizz’z.
    How do I turn that off?



    Thank you for all your hard work Rythal. I know Carbonite will be better off as GPL Open Source. Hopefully it won’t take you too much time to apply all your patches to the new code. Been there done that, too tired to buy the Teeshirt.



    so a couple of questions then, will you keep the name the same, and where will updates be found, on the old carbonite website or here or another new site?



    For sure thank you for all the work and time spent! And the thought of breaking it down into separate parts is really sweet.
    I only use the addon for the map and enemy player detection. I try to manually disable as much as I can other than that…would LOVE to have just the above mentioned as an addon lol.



    Rythal, thank you for the hard work you are putting into getting carbonite back up to date. I started using it right after my introduction to wow and could not imagine playing with out it. I am so glad to see that they made it open source for you to do what you do. Cant wait for the next update!!



    Awesome news! Is there a github repo for it? I would love to be able to contribute patches…



    Best way to add your fixes to GPL Version. Make a Patch or a serial Patch with GIT and merge your changes into actual code :)


    Matthew M

    I am so glad that someone is picking this up. Thank you for all of your hardwork!

    How do donations go now for the project? I had previously donated to Carbonite…never did get access to that top secret area….but now that it’s open source…what’s the plan? I would love to contribute something towards all of your hardwork. Please do let the community know!

    PS. Does this mean eventually we’ll be able to get updates for Carbonite via Curse?



    Donations can be made through the donation button on this site.
    The top secret forum.. I wouldn’t worry about, i’m probably going to close it.
    I put in a ticket with curse to add me to the carbonite project but no response yet, I also asked Faatal if he would do it and no response there either (probably because in the same email I asked about buying and they don’t know the answer / thinking about it / don’t want to tell me no even tho it’s no).



    Rythal, expect another donation when you get this done. Keep pushing! And thank you soooooo much!



    Hi, I was wondering if when you’re finished updating if you will add a basic API, I use a custom UI I wrote and Carbonite is not exactly easy to code around to build into the UI. It is possible but I don’t have that kind of time. If you do end up adding a API to it, it would be awesome if it had basic frame controls like, setting the windows Positions, Size Fade-in, Fade-out, ect. or if it is kept Open-Source when you release it, then Others and I could do those things very easily without an API. Anyways good luck with updating it, glad someone is up to the challenge.



    will be lastest version of carbonite uploaded on offical site ?
    and propably on (i use their tool on updating addons)
    btw superb news about becoming carbonite open source ..
    good luck rythal …



    the latest version is already up on WoWI … I have yet to decide if i’m staying exclusive to them, or uploading it to curse.


    Matthew M

    Just a thought Ry – since carb is open source – perhaps having it available on both WI and Curse would not only increase awareness and usage, but an increase in donations as well.



    rythal: ad curse:it depends on you … but on curse carbonite already is … but old version,what may be confusing …

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