I just got an email from Faatal that him & Haavok both are just to busy for carbonite, and they are going to discuss releasing the source. What does that mean? it would mean I could officially upload my patch… it also would mean that myself and other’s could move ahead full force at fixing carbonite, not only fixing it, but modularizing it instead of starting from scratch on something new.

They created a great addon, one of the best ever for WoW and no one would ever deny that, and tearing down the addon into blocks of code would allow easier repair / updates along with lowering the memory footprint.

Where does that leave RUMA? same place it was *IF* that is the best option for everyone, and what is needed. Carbonite going open just means I wouldn’t have to avoid looking at it and ways it did things to keep myself in the clear.

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    I just got an email from Faatal that him & Haavok both are just to busy for carbonite, and they are going to discuss releasing the source. What does t
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    WHOOT. i hope they give it to you i love the work you put into it.



    That’s fantastic! I’m really happy! You’re the best, Rythal. <3 I really hope they share it with you.



    That is freaking amazing news!!!!



    This is hopefully the start of Carbonite getting the support it deserves. Thank yo for all you have done to keep Carbonite working Rythal.



    Oh my gosh, that is SO awesome!! Let me know if you need some help with it, cleaning up code or testing or the such.



    Thats really great, but I really hope they dont just try to reel you in for doing the dirty work, while they get the donations
    Sure preferably start with the opened source, break it down and make it modular

    Now dont get me wrong because I really think its the best thing for them to do
    Im just saying please be carefull that you dont get scr**** over, Ive seen that happen way too often to not give you a heads up



    Hmmmm…. I suppose I’m alone in feeling this isn’t good news at all, not w/o a core re-write. /still holding out for RUMA.



    Holy crap that is awesome news man. I’ve been a long time Carb supporter, and look forward to you and some other awesome devs being able to crack into it and make it easier to fix.



    Just noticed that on the official carbonite website, they removed their donation page and all donate buttons… does that mean what I think it means? And I have one question about 50409… in options, under the quest tab, there is no option to use blizzard’s quest poi anymore… (i think that’s what i’m looking for). like for kill quests, where i have to kill 12 of something, the area where the mob is found used to be highlighted on my map, but now it’s just a dot. not the biggest deal, but if there is a fix for it, that would be awesome. And seriously, Rythal, you are AMAZING! I was one of the first people in the carbonite forums the day 5.0 released and Carbonite took a trip down the Sh*tter. Then you came along with your amazing fixes and saved me, along with thousands of others. Thank you. :D can’t wait to see Ruma. (i think that’s a great name btw. it’s catchy.)



    Great news for us fans of Carbonite! Here’s hoping!



    Still no word from them on it, but yeah with the removal of donating towards it on the official site it’s looking more and more like it’s coming.

    As for blizzard POI’s toggle, I removed that option in 5.04.07 .. it now automatically does it “if” a quest is not known by carbonite. The reason your not seeing blobs for the quests is because it’s using blizzards tracking.



    Great news!



    That is wonderful news! Let us hope that they follow through with their plans to release the source. Your service to the WoW community and the Carbonite Addon community in particular has been nothing short of spectacular. Thank you so much, Rythal.



    That is great news. I’ll be supporting you whether you work to breathe new life into carbonite or work to create something of your own. Cheers!



    YAY please please fix it ..I did your update but quests Just won’t show…. GOSH I hope they release it



    just so you know it broke today after a restart. they had connection issues after the restart so no idea what they did to fix it but it messed up carbonite


    This is potentially good news. I wish I knew how to code or else i’d help you out.

    Was using another quest addon for my leveling so far and nothing compares to carbonite. I miss it. At least your unofficial patch makes it work about 90% of the time. :)



    Rythal, I suggest making a github repo for this mod, so that users can post issues as well as other coders can help you update the files and add more to the mod.
    Of course keep the licensing (and maybe have the owner switching over to MIT licensing would be better) in a place easily noticed so as to not get in trouble.
    Good luck with getting the source!

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