Site Construction

The website is very under construction, while I do appreciate people coming already and registering…. The one thing I *HATE* about wordpress is it’s comments system so i’ll be flipping around with various forums / integration (my old sites used phpBB back end but not sure how well that works anymore).

If you do create an account there is a chance it’ll get deleted during integration (i hope not, but the chance is always there).

Hello world!

Last night I started on the maps addon! Ok I admit not much is done, to try and make it a lower resource hog and easier to handle I was learning the Ace3 stuff… but like every programmer knows, the very first thing you always do is test out Hello World!


About Author

Rythal is a canadian born & bred. He's been programming in various languages since he could first read, copying code from magazines about basic on the atari 400 and learning to modify it for himself. For online games he has done work in EQ2 interfaces, secondlife, and is now branching into world of warcraft.