The state of 5.04.09.

I know, it’s not perfect… I hate that it’s not perfect, but it’s not my addon, i’m just trying to make it usable for all of us.

Fixes coming for next version (this weekend hopefully) will be the gathering nodes not tracking / saving in pandaria (I’ve got my copy tracking my mining of ghost ore, so I know exactly what needs to be done… it’s just doing it :P ), and also a sync between carbonites quest tracker, and blizzards quest tracker. The reason for the sync, is so blizzards quest blobs will show up on your minimap since that seems to be the biggest thing everyone keeps asking about.

No, not every quest will work still, and i’m really sorry for that, but I have yet to even start thinking about modifying carbonites quest data which if you have not looked at the source at any time, currently looks like this -> [15]={“4Sharptalon’s Claw%:6####”,nil,”#$( 9•@”,}

I don’t know what it means, no one else knows what it means, and until it’s figured out, or torn out and redone in plain english (which will happen if carbonite goes opensource), quests will remain buggy and not fully working. This unfortunately is one of the downsides to working on someone elses code. But hey, at least we have 90% of carbonite working and should be glad about that!.

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    I know, it’s not perfect… I hate that it’s not perfect, but it’s not my addon, i’m just trying to make it usable for all of us. Fixes coming for nex
    [See the full post at:]


    Here’s to good hope.
    I realy hope the original authors make up their mind soon
    Love the addon can’t imagine playing without it.
    Keep up the good work



    some quest data format info from my work :)

    1. the index of Nx.Que1 is (questId+7)*2-3, so Nx.Que1[33] is
    2. every quest contains at lease 3 part, the 1st is quest info, the 2nd is start npc, the 3rd is complete npc. the following parts are positions of each quest target.
    2.1 the 1st contains quest name, faction, questLevel, availableLevel, nextQuestId and questCategory
    2.1.1 first byte is length of name(‘#’ or ascii 35 is 0), then the name string, and then the faction ( ‘%’ for horde, ‘$’ for alliance, ‘#’ for both ), and then questLevel and availableLevel (from 0['#']to 221[\255]), and then nextQuestId(from 0 to 221*221*221+221*221+221) and then questCategory (index from Nx.QuC1)
    2.1.2 another way to describe: [1=length of name][1~len=name][len+1=faction][len+2=questLevel][len+3=minPlayerLevel][len+4~len+6=nextQuestId][len+7=questCategory]
    2.1.3 you can test with /dump Nx.Que:Unp(Nx.Que1[19639][1])
    2.2 the 2nd and 3rd is start end NPC and their position, relating to Nx.QSE
    2.2.1 the first 2 byte is index from Nx.QSE, from 0 to 221*221+221, use for NPC names
    2.2.2 the position information is optional, the position has zoneId which is index from Nx.Zon1 and point x, y which use 2 byte each, value is 0 to 10000. There are other formats, details are in function Nx.Que:GPL
    2.2.3 you can test with /dump Nx.Que:GSEP(Nx.Que1[105][3])
    2.3 the 4th and following parts are position of quest target, if exists.
    2.3.1 the first part is similar with quest name, which is target name, but seems all are empty.
    2.3.2 the position is optional, start with zoneId and follows by a lot of x,y,width,height. the x,y use 1 byte each, value from 0 to 221, can represent 0 to 110.5, this is also parsed by Nx.Que:GPL
    2.3.3 /dump Nx.Que:UnO(Nx.Que1[33][4]) /dump Nx.Que:ULR(Nx.Que1[33][4]:sub(3,6)) /dump Nx.Que:ULR(Nx.Que1[33][4]:sub(7,10))



    I thought the quest data was compressed rather than encrypted.
    But is there any need for it anymore? These days Blizzard supports enough? Might be time to ditch that huge part of Carbonite?

    For me anyway, its the visual map that matters more than any other feature in the addon – most other features can be added by using other addons.
    The other features are nice of course, and I don’t want to get rid of them – but if it is too much work it might scare of programmers off, like the original ones.

    I like your idea of splitting it up in modules though. Would probably be easier to maintain (and not obfuscating the code should help as well :)



    I like the quest info on map.. less addons the better for me and I like to make new toons I need quest info. Since some changed from when I’ve done certain areas. Anyways I hope its released and updated… I won’t have my MoP till oct… (dang funds) Hoping Carbonite works for it… again THANKS YOU FOR ALL YOUR WORK! Hug



    This is wonderful news. You must be working on RUMA every spare minute. I hope each and every one of us can thank you by a donation – no matter how small. How about it folks? Join me in a tangible thank you to Rythal.



    deleted – duplicate

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    Is there a release that you have updated that I can DL as of now the official carbonite addon isnt working out too well for me. I have searched but cant see to find Ruma anywhere. Thanks again!



    I wish we could just merge Blizzards Quest with the maps i Love the Maps you see so much more of the ground


    Mortauk his current version of carbonite fixes is downloadable from here:

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    Yes ladyviperess everybody wants everything – but we aren’t paying him! He doesn’t have infinite amounts of time to do this, so we shouldn’t expect everything to be possible.



    Tracking Pets (battle pets) does not work. It just flickers on the minimap. Carbonite is causing this, turned carbonite off and the tracking worked.


    I haven;t read through everything yet so I currently can’t offer constructive feedback, I just felt compelled to tell you I can’t possibly express how much I appreciate what you’re doing.



    Thank you so much for what you have already. I will continue to semi-patiently wait for the next update. :)



    I have tried registering, but it never seems to send me an email. So lucky for me FB worked… Wanted to let you know, the work you are doing is awesome. I am not here to make requests, I can help very minimally, however, I have worked in program dev for over 10 years [] I know just how hard it is to work on something only have that proverbial monkey on your back. I will help where possible with what I read. And had I been able to comment earlier, yes, that is a quest line you posted in the first post LOL! [my main knowledge is in graphics,tiny bit of coding]
    ta hun [aka paeura]

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    Galious to fix the flicker go to Carbonite options in game

    Map Minimap
    Minimap ore / herb dot glow delay
    set it to 0



    I cant download 5.04.09 its keeps saying error 404 not found HELP please the games sucks without it :(

    any one have anoyher link or something? or get the 404 error too?
    Great work too though Rythal i appreciate what your doing.

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    was in the middle of updating to the new version, there is now a link at the top of the page for downloading.



    thanks thanks yay :)

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